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With the Standard re-mail.  You place your letter into a self-adressed stamped envelope and mail that envelope to us. We open the outer envelope, and re-mail the letter to its intended reciptiant.  You letter will get a our local postmark, thus leaving your real address a secret.  Be sure to include your service fee.  

Standard Re-mail​ : $2.00​
Premium Re-mail : $4.00

With the Premium, we will address the enclosed envelope for you.  You can choose male or female handwriting. Everything else works the same as the "Standard Remail"

For an additional $3.00, you can get confirmation that your letter has reached us.  Just simply include a 5-letter code with your letter.  When we recieve your package, we will post the code on the "Delivery Confirmation" page.  This way, we can all still remain anonymous and you can be assured that we have recieved your letter.

For an additional fee of $2.00, we will apply the stamp to your letter.  

Mail Confirmation : $3.00
Postage add-on​ : $2.00​
Where to send:​

Make sure your package includes your letter and the fee and mail it to:




JASPER, IN 47546

*for forms of payment accepted, click the FAQ/About page

“I am so happy I found this site, It is quick, afforable and anonymous.

I need this to correspond with my ex-husband.”


- J.K - Texas

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