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Q) Why do people need this service?

A) You may need to get in touch with a ex-spouse, report the wrong doings of a co-worker, or just need to anonymously send a letter.  We ask that you use this service for "good" only.  Please, no harassing or threating letters.


Q) What postmark will the letter have?

A) It will be a postmark from Indiana.


Q) Are you able to send with other postmarks?

A) No, at this time, we can only provide a Indiana postmark.


Q) What if I change my mind about my letter, can you stop the mailing?

A) If you contact us before we re-mail the letter, we will make sure to not mail the letter.  Just make sure you provide us with accurate info about your letter.  We will shred the letter when we receive it.  We cannot mail the letter back to you.


Q) How can we contact you?

A) You can contact us by email at or message us on facebook at


Q) Where do I send the package?

A) Send it to:



    JASPER IN 47546


Q) What form of payment do you accept?

A) We accept payment by CASH ONLY. No checks, credit cards or money orders are accepted. If payment other than cash is sent, it will not be accepted and your letter will not be mailed.



About Private Postmark has been in business for over 12 years.  We take pride in keeping every aspect of our re-mail service anonymous.  We understand that there are many different reasons that this service needs to exist.  We hope that all of you will use this service for good.  We have had many happy customers through-out the years.  We hope that you will use us with confidence and enjoy our service.  Thank you very much   - THE PRIVATEPOSTMARK.COM STAFF

“I used your serivce to report theft activities that were going on at my work.  I was able to report them anonymously and the theft stopped. Thank you so very much!”


- A.L. - New Jersey

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